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Dear friends of the Internationale Fredener Musiktage,

the term “twenties” often brings to mind the so-called “golden twenties”, i.e. the 1920s. Why is that? Haven’t the “twenties” been times of upheaval for several centuries as a result of the new beginning at the start of each century? After all, they clearly show where the journey is going.

This applies to the symbolic transience of life (vanitas motif) in the Baroque period, as well as to the Enlightenment as the beginning of the modern age with its striving for freedom and reason, while the emotional world of Romanticism turned everything around again in the complete opposite direction. With a shudder, but also with great pleasure, we remember the dichotomy of the 1920s, the New Objectivity and the proverbial “dance on the volcano” already giving glimpses of the apocalypse soon to follow. And are we not also at a “turn of the times” today?

From 27.07. to 06.08.2024, let’s take a look back over four centuries and into the future, and not just musically.

We look forward to your visit and to seeing you again

The team of the Internationale Fredener Musiktage

Freden Zehntscheune
Kap Freden

Program 2024

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