The Association

Internationale Fredener Musiktage e.V.

The association Internationale Fredener Musiktage e.V. with currently about 130 members is the organiser of the festival. With a membership you can also make a decisive contribution to the continuity of the festival.

Members will receive the full programme before the start of general publication and have a two-week right of first refusal. Those interested in becoming members of the Verein Internationale Fredener Musiktage e.V. can find information and the »Application for membership or contact Wilfried Heimann, telephone 0 51 84 – 87 43. Those interested in the autumn hike for association members on 9.10.2022 can also register under this telephone number. The Annual General Meeting will take place on 10.5.2022, 19:00, at Hotel Steinhoff.


If you would like to support us with a donation, you are welcome to transfer it to our account. Thank you very much!
Bank details:
IBAN: DE57 2595 0130 0003 060 306, BIC: NOLADE21HIK